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"-Evening news broadcast –"



“The telly Bitch”




Dragged by lust and dirty thoughts
Compulsions came and played their parts

This was extraordinary, you can tell
The man got horny, horny as hell!

It was six ó clock, when he went in shock
By seeing the woman, infront of the newsblock.

Up came the news, hostess and host
Down came his pants, his buttocks exposed

Whilst scratching his crotch, he walked to the telly
pulled out his Weenie, and bumped it his belly

Pushing his prick to her coloured mouth of glass
And made her a bitch, whom she certainly was!

Whilst doing and so, he called very tough:
“Do me a favour, o please blow me rough!"

Then came he shouted, by all means and heart:
"Was this youre best shot, or just for the start?"

And the lady finished, naive of this show
took with her them papers, and off did she go...

And so the broadcast finished, the work was done,
hurray!, for the newsshow, o what a fun!

When you see a telly, coverd with dots,
you now know what they mean, those round misty spots!







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