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"The Rollercoaster"

Have you ever been on a roller coaster? While standing in the line waiting on your turn, your’e aware of the fact that there where thousands before you. I felt this. You should see the roller coaster as a understatement. The reality of this example can only be seen by those who understand it. So if you can’t relate in any type of way to this story I suggest you to stop reading.


The following story will be mine, but don’t forget about the fact that you also have a story to tell with the above understatement.


There are two figures, Amy and Dillon. There is little about them that you should know to understand this story, I’m not gonna talk about the location nor there background like they tell you usually in story’s. Amy and Dillon are great friends, although he has more friends he has the same or a better bond with.

 This gives you a feelings of Amy’s perspective.

 Well Dillon doesn’t see it like that, he finds every platonic relationship he has special in his one way. And there are quite a lot..


Now the story may begin;


While Amy and Dillon have a very strong bond, they’re both aware that this can only stay platonic because of some things they can not change. The last time they met, the perspective of them that they have of each other changed completely, only because of the situation they were both in. The things they did didn’t stay platonic, but little did Amy knew that she wasn’t the first and not even the only one that night. 


Dillon is the roller coaster, Amy was so excited to get in even though she could see when she was waiting in the line to get in that they were many before her. But she didn’t expected that they would all take the same path. First up, then suddenly a loop and finishing off with a turn. The rollercoaster must feel great, pass through that one thing that you enjoy every time all over again. And if it could get better for the rollercoaster, it is  with a different passenger every time. Perhaps to keep it “spicy”.





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