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"A little bear on wheels"



A little brown and clumsy bear

In front of the mirror was doing his hair

He combed and used lots and lots of gel

While he stood on a skateboard, that wasn't so well


The skateboard did what it was made for

And drove away through the bathroom door

The little bear shouted for anyone to help

But no one was home but this poor little whelp


And down the stairs it went, a little bear on wheels

Just like on snow..."now I know how that feels"

He thought...but for thinking no time

He left the front door...I wouldn't give a dime


For his life...up the road he went forth

Where could he go, down South or up North?

But suddenly there were the police in a car

They asked: "Are you driving that far


Without petrol, brakes or even a map?"

But he couldn't stop and crashed in a gap

The police drove him home and into his bed

Where he fell asleep while his cheeks were still wet

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