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"The dream"

I am sitting on the beach. The sea is gurgling. I'm alone. Just alone with the seagulls. I get up and go walking. I am walking through the dunes. A rabbit runs away and from a distance a pheasant calls. I walk and walk. Suddenly, there is a woman with a child. It's a little baby, who is still crying, just like the woman. The woman sees me. She is coming to me. Then she nudges the baby into my arms. "Take care of her." She whispers. Then she's gone. I watch her off, too upset to react. I don't know what I have to do. The little girl is sleeping in my arms. I go to the nearest house and ring at the door. Somebody opens the door. I see the woman. She stares at me, desperated. Then I wake up. It was a dream..

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beter! de ing-vorm bij the rabbit is niet als the pheasant. Je gebruikt de ing-vorm om aan te geven dat het een wat langer durende gebeurtenis is.

Geplaatst op: 2010-08-18 07:50:19 uur

een klein puntje: even as is geen engels, volgens mij moet het zijn just like of also is.
the door opens lijkt me ook niet helemaal goed. Somebody opens the door lijkt me beter.Iets meer de ing-vorm gebruiken: she is staring at me.

Geplaatst op: 2010-08-17 18:44:40 uur