De dood
28 februari 2009, om 18:49 uur
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"I rather would skip death"



Days are passing by with a terrible speed
And I am astonished how fast they form years
Age knocks me down, I'm shaking on my feet
And in a misty distance there's one I will hate to meet
Oh life, how I am attached to you with all my heart
And with you to my dear ones that I must not imagine to loose
People try to comfort me, say there's a whole new start
In the life after this, I know, we can't choose
We will have to accept, we will have to die
But I would rather skip the whole performance
And be with my love ones in one step, them and I
Happy in Heaven, I nearly would die for that chance


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I don't say life is a performance, I say death is.

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